Intenance Energy: the merger of Vasa and Movalclima creates a benchmark in engineering and industrial HVAC maintenance

Intenance Energy is presented to the market as the new merger between Vasa and Movalclima, adding more than 48 years of combined experience in the sector of maintenance services and air conditioning and refrigeration installations in companies and industries. With this integration, the new company completes its HVAC engineering and maintenance division, achieving unmatched capacity and excellence in the maintenance of critical assets, creates a benchmark in the field of energy services and industrial maintenance engineering.

Intenance Energy’s value proposition is based on four fundamental pillars:

  1. Engineering and design of facilities: The company offers customized solutions and technical assistance thanks to its highly experienced and qualified engineering department.
  2. Integrated HVAC maintenance Services: With a comprehensive view of complex HVAC and refrigeration systems, Intenance Energy offers a commitment to quality through 3 ISO certifications.
  3. Energy Services: The company conducts an initial study of existing facilities and proposes improvements to meet environmental requirements and improve energy efficiency.
  4. Facilities improvement project: Intenance Energy analyzes, designs, and executes solutions for the optimization and /or integral renovation of the facilities, with a vision in functionality, sustainability, and energy efficiency. All this, maintaining a close relationship of partnership with the client.

“At Intenance Energy we are committed to service excellence, innovation and sustainability,” said Pablo Revuelta Intenance’s CEO.  “With the merger of Vasa and Movalclima, we can offer an even more complete and highly specialized experience to our customers. We are focused on providing customized solutions and services, designed to ensure the operational success of their industrial assets by improving our clients’ bottom line.”

 The integration of these two companies will bring incremental value to our customers, which will help us continue to grow and improve our services.

Intenance belongs to RDT Group, which employs about 1500 engineers and technicians, closing in 2022 with a turnover close to 85 million euros of services, a growth of more than 20% compared to 2021.