INTENANCE CAPITAL, S.L.‘s raison d’être is to find, motivate, empower and retain the talent to find, motivate, empower and retain the necessary talent for the development of our clients’ strategic projects our clients, providing a competitive advantage based on efficiency, flexibility and costs.

Therefore, quality, trust and satisfaction of our customers is one of the fundamental pillars of our activity, based on of our activity, based on technical assistance services in engineering and maintenance services.

We are committed to the following strategic challenges:

  • Innovation and continuous improvement, accompanying each client in their challenges and projects.
  • Motivation and satisfaction of the people who make up our teams.
  • The commitment to comply with the legal and other applicable requirements of our Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Management System and the minimisation of environmental impacts and the prevention of any damage to the health of our workers, minimising or eliminating hazards and reducing risks.
  • And the commitment to environmental protection and pollution prevention.

At our executive board, we are committed to lead this policy by providing all the necessary means to implement and develop the System and meet any demand or suggestion of our employees through a process for consultation and participation of workers and provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of injuries and deterioration of health.


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