We offer our clients an integral industrial maintenance service for both production means and installations, which includes:


  • Maintenance of production means and installations: conductive, preventive, predictive, corrective, legal, major shutdowns, etc.
  • Management of energy and environmental resources.
  • Integral management of fluids.
  • Coordination of subcontracting activities.


  • Comprehensive management of the execution of maintenance at all levels.
  • Multidisciplinary and continuously growing staff.
  • Committed, serious and effective service.
  • Response capacity and flexibility.


For those clients where we collaborate in the maintenance of their assets, we offer a comprehensive service of locating, purchasing, supplying and accounting for the spare parts in the maintenance warehouses.

We allow our customers to have a better response time of spare parts and a greater efficiency in their purchases.

We have qualified and experienced personnel, as well as software and hardware solutions that integrate with the client’s own systems.

We offer:

  • Experience in contract implementation and subrogation.
  • Flexibility and multi-skills.

The benefits of outsourcing maintenance with INTENANCE:

  1. We allow our client to focus on their product that they manufacture, sell and maintain, leaving the responsibility for their productive assets to us.
  2. We transform many of our clients’ fixed costs into variable costs.
  3. We improve the characteristic curve of our client’s maintenance allowing us to work for an availability and costs according to our client’s needs.
  4. We apply our own work methodologies in the identification of repetitive breakdowns, intervention procedures for complex work,… reducing repetitive breakdowns and saving intervention times.
  5. Flexibility and speed when planning technical stops.
  6. We bring a lot of knowledge of many sectors with which we can carry out complex planned interventions, lowering the usual costs of TSS.
  7. Elimination of all costs linked to investment in the selection, training and supervision of work stations for our client.
  8. We study routes, equipment sizing and lean operations that allow our client to make savings from integrating multiple services into Intenance.
  9. In Customers where we provide a comprehensive service, we are preventive resources for other contracts, thus saving our customer time and money.
  10. We have assets and technological tools that many customers cannot afford to buy and that we use in our services, allowing us to close maintenance operations sooner.